Anyone aged 16 or over and who supports and agrees with the association’s activities clause

can become a member of the association.

Application for membership is submitted Association’s board, which will process the

application within a month.


Subscription fees NOK 180 / month ( adjusted at annual meeting as required)

The Board may refuse an application for membership. This requires agreement on the

association’s board. The reason for the refusal shall be notified in writing to the applicant.

People who have applied for membership and been rejected, can apply for membership

again after one year from the date they received notice of the rejection.

People, who are admitted as a member, shall also be notified in writing.

Membership will be terminated automatically when a member has not paid its dues for the

year within six months after the annual meeting.

A membership entitles to one vote at annual meetings and membership meetings, provided

that you are present. No members may meet with authorities from other members at

annual meetings and member meetings.

The organization also opens the possibility to support members without democratic rights.

If you do not satisfy the requirements for personal membership because of age or do not

want a full membership, you can become a supporting member. Supporting Members will be

able to receive information about the organization operations, including magazine and

publications when they are published.

The Board consists of founders.


You can send your application by filling out the membership form below:


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